Illegal Nutrition Premium Protein - 1.8kg

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Illegal Nutrition: Premium Whey Protein (Amplified Amino Technology™)

The most advanced Whey Protein supported by research, technology & human trials. 

Developed alongside the German giants Lactoprot®, we use cutting edge cross-flow microfilteration technology to ensure our protein is the highest quality, best tasting & most nutrient rich protein available.

Amplified Amino Technology™ combines 2 patented ingredients, scientifically proven to amplify the absorption of our BCAA / EAA matrix.

This synergy maximises muscle protein synthesis leading to enhanced muscle growth, recovery, strength & performance.

Lactoprot® Cross-Flow Microfiltered Whey Protein. 

AstraGin® increases intestinal Leucine by 58% & muscle protein synthesis by 30%.

BioPerine® increases the absorption of nutrients by 30%.

Whey Isolate + Whey Concentrate

60 Servings

20g Protein

4.6g BCAA

114 Kcal

7.2g Carbohydrates

0.7g Saturated Fat


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