Ghost® Legend v2

Ghost® Legend v2

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GHOST LEGEND® pre workout combines a stand out energy and focus formula with premium pump ingredients to get you feeling like a legend whenever you need it most.

So whats different from V1 to V2?
• Increased Beta Alanine by 1.2G, now having 3.2G total
• Increased Theobromine by 50mg, now having 100mg
• Increased Nitrosigine® by 750mg, now having 1.5G
• Switched to a Natural Caffeine source (from Coffee Bean)
• Added ingredient Senactiv®
  • While a brand new ingredient to the GHOST® family of products, we've been obsessing over it for years and absolutely wanted to make sure to include it in the V2 formula. Why? Senactiv® aids in ATP (energy) production, recovery, endurance, and promotes healthy muscle cell regeneration. Enough said.*

Added ingredient L-Tyrosine

  • L-Tyrosine is a free-form amino acid which rapidly crosses the blood-brain barrier. With regards to performance, tyrosine’s main benefit is its ability to increase the synthesis of multiple neurotransmitters and enhance dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine levels. Studies have found that tyrosine supplementation can improve mood and enhance focus. At a full 1000MG (per serving) in GHOST LEGEND®, we're pretty confident you'll be dialed in for every workout.*
• Added ingredient Alpha-GPC
  • Alpha-GPC is a nootropic that delivers some serious cognitive benefits. Having a ton of energy is great, but being able to channel that energy and actually focus during your workout is just as important.*
• Added ingredient AstraGin®
  • AstraGin® works to help improve your body's ability to absorb key amino acids, proteins and other words, AstraGin® ensures you're getting maximum benefit from every serving of GHOST LEGEND®.
In 2018, we dropped GHOST LEGEND® in Europe with goal of delivering a unique experience for the legends in the U.K., Ireland and mainland Europe and taking the next step in building a global brand together. With its unique aesthetic, fully transparent, efficacious formula and industry-first, authentic flavor collabs, GHOST LEGEND® quickly became the catalyst for some pretty epic sh*t in sports nutrition...but that was just the beginning. Enter GHOST LEGEND® V2. No, this isn’t just a simple formula tweak in some slick packaging, we completely rebuilt GHOST LEGEND® to deliver more energy, more pumps and more focus than ever before. You thought your workouts were great? They’re about to be f@#*ing brilliant.


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