What are SJPOINTS?

SJPoints are, simply put, loyalty points. We reward you with SJPoints every time you shop with us, these SJPoints can be used for discounts on future orders.

It’s that simple! Save up your SJPoints and save a bundle when placing your next order!

How much can i save?

The more you spend, the more you can save in the future. Each £1 you spend is worth 10 SJPoints, which is the equivalent of a 5p saving on your next order! So, save 1000 SJPoints and save £5 on a future order.

You can choose to use some or all of your SJPoints when you order or alternatively you can choose to save them up and use them for a bigger discount at a later date!

But beware, SJPoints expire 12 months after you earn them!

Can I earn extra points?

Yes you can, if you have purchased a product from us, leave a review on the product and we will give you a bonus of 30 SJPoints!

Also, keep an eye out on facebook, twitter or instagram for special events such as: “Buy this product today and earn double SJPoints” and “Spend over this amount for an extra 100 SJPoints“.

We sometimes give away SJPoints as prizes, so keep an eye out for competitions on our social media channels!

We will also award you with 50 SJPoints, just for opening an account with us!

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping and start earning your SJPoints now!